I write this review of Kitchen Concepts and owner/operator Dave Warren. I want to make mention that I was not asked or encouraged to write this review.

I am a school counselor at the highest poverty, elementary school in Gresham. We are a very busy, high-needs school. I love my job but have been struggling organizationally with it as I have been working in a small room with piles of office supplies, therapeutic tools, paperwork, clothes, shoes and games stacked high.

It was a chaotic environment where I could never find anything when I needed it, and kids were always tripping over things. It was stressful and I often found myself dreaming about “if only I had shelves…..”

Then Kitchen Concepts came into my world.

Dave heard my plea of desperation. He came out to my place of work and saw the need. He measured and designed a beautiful plan that included many shelves, drawers, two desks and all the storage I need to succeed. And the best news? He told me he wanted to donate all the materials and the labor. This undoubtedly would have costs thousands of dollars but he decided to donate as he saw the need of a local school. Dave told me that due to ongoing projects, he and his right-hand man John may not be able to complete all the finishes of this project due to time constrictions. I totally understood.

John and Dave (two of the kindest and most genuine guys you will ever meet) came down to install the shelves and literally didn’t take a single break.

They worked like crazy for hours and did every every sort of finish and touch-up possible. The outcome was (and is) absolutely stunning. Immediately the quality of my work with kiddos has improved due to the beautiful welcoming space, the ability to find things when I need them and a calming feeling for students as opposed to a chaotic one.

I highly suggest this wonderful family-owned business to anyone and everyone out there. They care about our community, give to our kids, work hard, are generous, kind and create a beautiful product! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kitchen Concepts for being the incredible business that you are. You make a difference.

Jamie Sedda
School Counselor
Highland Elementary School
Gresham, Oregon