When remodeling your kitchen one of the most common questions asked is should I re-face my cabinets or replace my cabinets?

100_8443This is a very good question. I always tell my customers it depends on what needs to be done. First of all lets give a definition of Refacing your cabinets. Refacing means replacing all of the doors and drawer fronts with new doors and drawer fronts. Covering up all of the exteriors of the cabinets with wood veneer or laminate that matches the doors. Re-facing is approximately 70% of the cost of new cabinets, as you are replacing the most expensive part, the doors and drawer fronts. You do not normally rebuild the drawers or change the layout of the cabinets as it increases the cost almost to the price of all new cabinets.

If they have very good cabinets and the drawers work good and they don’t need a counter top then they might be a re-facing candidate.

If the cabinets are in poor repair, the drawers are broken or they need a new counter top then they are almost better off getting new cabinets.

You can come in to either of our Cabinet Showrooms in Portland Or Gresham. And we can help you with a new design. We can actually do a computer design so you can see your kitchen before you buy it. This way you can remodel your kitchen to the way you want it, rather than leave it the way it is.

Dave Warren