A desire for a new look

Kitchen Concepts kitchen remodeling based on Master Brand Survey results

The folks at MasterBrand Cabinets, the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets in North America, commissioned a survey of 417 homeowners who remodeled within the preceding year or intend to remodel in the next year.

Some of the results gleaned by Russell Research :

*62 percent said their out-of-date spaces needed refreshing.
*37 percent want their kitchen to function better.
*35 percent want more storage.
*64 percent said they are interested in creating a new look for their space.
*36 percent were concerned with the long-term value of their home.
*61 percent said they plan to spend less than $10,000;the average amount was $14,100.
*76 percent plan to replace countertops.
*70 percent paint or wall coverings.
*67 percent cabinetry.
*64 percent flooring.
*30 percent said they’d choose oak cabinets.
*17 percent would choose maple or cherry.
*15 percent laminate.
*42 percent would choose light or natural stain.
*24 percent dark stain.
*15 percent  painted cabinets.

The survey also found that in addition to the traditional items homeowners store in their kitchens come the unusual items: old trophies, pool parts, worms, a fish tank, a foot massager, “my cat’s ashes”, “my children’s teeth” and hockey gear,