Misconceptions like, “I Will save a lot of money if I do it my self!” This is a common misconception. As a contractor I have sources for materials that may be a better price than buying them retail. There are many hidden costs in DIY. DO you really want to give up your weekend and vacation time for a remodeling project? Do you want to take time off of work to get it done? DIY can often take longer to get the project done (family situations, work schedule, etc).  Our experts will do the job professionally and in many cases, in a much shorter time than doing it yourself!

Other misconceptions include: ” I should always go with the lowest bid! “ This is almost always a bad idea! I remember when I started this business 25 years ago. I thought I had to be the lowest bid. I found out quickly that I was not able to hire the best professional for the job or provide the best materials when I was the lowest bid. You want to make sure that your bids are complete and accurate. The lowest bid is low for a reason. Many times you will find they are providing inferior materials and are not hiring the best professionals to do the work. Make sure the bids compare equally (APPLES to APPLES!) Think about it. How can the lowest bid provide the best Cabinets, Counter tops, Installation, and Remodeling? They can’t!

Another misconception goes something like this: ” I have seen on the home shows that the kitchen can get done in a week. “ This can be done if you have a crew of 50 people and everything is ordered and waiting ahead of time. In the real world this is not practical. As an example, the counter top is not started to be made until the cabinets are in so they can take a template and then build the counter tops so they will fit perfectly.

In a normal Kitchen remodel (if the walls are not being moved), the time frame is approx. 2-3 weeks. We deliver the cabinets the Friday before the job is to start. We start the cabinet install on the following Monday. We do the counter top template Wednesday and Install the counter top the following Wednesday. That is about 2 weeks! Then the plumbing and appliances need to be installed.