This is a common misconception amongst our customers. Of course my answer to that question is resounding NO! Why would you want to buy cabinets from a store that tries to be everything to everybody, when you can buy them from Kitchen Concepts!? We are not trying to be an expert at everything. We are only trying to be a expert at Remodeling, cabinets, and counter tops.

I tell my customers who ask me this question “If you needed brain surgery would you go to a brain surgeon or a general practitioner?” Of course the answer is a brain surgeon. We are cabinet surgeons!

Why would you spend thousands of dollars and not use the most qualified people to do this for you? Our prices are just as good as the big box store and most of the times even better. We have designers who have been doing this for upwards of 30 years. Our designers have also actually worked on the job sites installing cabinets. We have already learned what to avoid and what to do correctly! Why be a guinea pig for some NEW GUY at a big box store making $ 10.00 an hour!

When you use Kitchen Concepts you get our many years of experience! We will make sure you know exactly what you are getting and how the process works. You can call my cell phone any time and ask me questions. Our installers have been working for us for years, and are not some contractor that gave the big box store the low bid for the install.

Check us out on Angies List! We have many HAPPY customers who have reported about us and 99.9 % of then are happy. That is pretty good!

We are not the “cheapest” nor are we the most “expensive”. The way we bid our jobs is we only use cabinets we can be proud of. All of our cabinets have Dovetail drawers etc.. I bid our jobs so that I can use the best cabinets for the money and use the best installers. We can not do this and be the “cheapest”. We sell all different price levels of cabinets to fit any budget.

We also have cabinets in stock and can provide them to you the same day you order them. We also sell custom cabinets that take 8 weeks to get. Of course they are priced accordingly. I can provide you Honey Oak in stock cabinets (customer install)  with a Granite counter top provided and installed for $ 3995.00. And these are plywood cabinets with dovetailed drawers, not “CHEAP JUNK” Even our most inexpensive cabinet comes assembled!

Why we don’t quote counter tops by the SQ. FT! like the big box stores do? I have many customers call me and ask me “How much a sq. ft. is your granite?” I tell them we don’t price counter tops that way. We do have very good prices on tops!  We price complete jobs, the sq. ft. of the granite is a switch and bait process the Big Box stores use. And the sq. ft. price is never the complete cost of the job, only the Big Box stores don’t tell you that! They give you a extremely low sq. ft. price then charge you extra for the edge, the back splash, the sink, the radius corners etc.. Also the color of the Granite top can effect the price in a big way. We ask our customers to give us a detailed drawing of the top they need or if they live close we will go measure it. We also want the color selected. Then we will give them a price that is “REAL” not a switch and bait!

So to summarize, the reason you don’t want to go to a big box store is because we are “ Cabinet Surgeons” In other words Specialists. We will give you real answers and real prices and stand behind what we do. We have been doing this for 23 years and have never failed to take care of a customer. Come to either of our showrooms and let us show you what we can do for you!

Dave Warren
Owner of Kitchen Concepts, NW  LLC